The Wonka lineage is strong; Johnny Depp played the chocolate lover back in 2005 and Gene Wilder starred as the heavily memed character in 1971. So, as the next Willy Wonka in cinema history, Timothée Chalamet has big boots to fill — or rather, a big hat to fill.

Crushed velvet purple costumes don't make a Wonka, but Chalamet has the singing, dancing, and acting chops to bring chocolate to the world in a fresh way (even though it's been done twice already) according to Variety, as evidenced in the sneak peek released at CinemaCon.

If like us, you were unaware of the fact that he's got pipes, CinemaCon goers shared that his singing voice was sugary sweet as he sang about how all of humanity is connected. Bit more emotional than "Oompa loompa, oompity doo" anyway.

Joining the floppy-haired star is a fairly stacked cast, including Rowan Atkinson, Olivia Coleman, Matt Lucas, Sally Hawkins, and Keegan-Michael Key.

Not only does Chalamet stand out for his portrayal of the chocolatier, but the upcoming movie has a unique take on the novel and is a completely different angle than the former films.

We're set to witness the early life of 'Wonka' and the path that led him to creating his wall lick-able, fizzy drink flotation simulating chocolate factory.

Unfortunately, we'll be waiting a little while longer for the release of 'Wonka' set to come out in December 2023.