Not bad for an 88-year-old.

As we recently reported, the consummate pro that is Christopher Plummer spent just nine days on set when Ridley Scott asked him to replace Kevin Spacey as J. Paul Getty in crime thriller All The Money In The World

It turns out they were nine days well spent. According to many reviewers of the movie, the Canadian steals the show. Here’s a selection of the comments:

The Guardian

“Yet Plummer doesn't look like a hasty replacement. He relishes and luxuriates in the role. It fits him perfectly. Getty is exactly right for Plummer's talent for subversive glittery-eyed grandfatherly mischief, cut with a dash of misanthropic malice."

The Hollywood Reporter

"Twilight years? Ridley Scott will hear none of it — he has just made the paciest, most dynamic film ever made by an 80-year-old director. And as for Christopher Plummer, he delivers the best screen performance ever given by an actor who, a month before the film's debut, hadn't even been cast yet."

The Forbes

"Christopher Plummer gives one of his better performances this side of The Insider, and it's now difficult to even imagine Kevin Spacey (in heavy prosthetics) playing the role of John Paul Getty. Plummer's low-key, simmering performance anchors the film (this isn't some glorified cameo), and the picture walks a tightrope of establishing his point-of-view while deftly holding up a harsh light on his actions and thus his legacy."


"Christopher Plummer nails this performance with a staggering authority and wryly ironic touch, all the more remarkable since he didn't even have the part until six weeks ago, when Scott went into crisis mode to save the movie after the Spacey scandal hit."

And hats off to The Telegraph (never said that before) for this ‘emergency Plummer’ line in their review:

"First and foremost, the film confirms Christopher as the most reliable emergency Plummer in history. He is icily brilliant in the role".

All The Money In The World hits Irish cinemas on January, 5th.

Via: Digital Spy