A lot of you have likely started re-watching your favourite Christmas movies at this stage. After all, they're the best kinds of comfort movies.

Thus in our latest quiz, we're testing how well you know your Christmas movies, since many of you have watched these again and again over the years.

You might recall our 'Who Said It?' quiz series in which you had to guess which character said the selected quote.

We quizzed you on 'Friends''Father Ted''Schitt's Creek' and 'The Simpsons', among other series.

Now we bring you a festive flick edition of the quiz format.

We're giving you a quote and you have to guess what Christmas film it's from.

Be mindful of your spelling and make sure to be as specific as possible with titles when typing.

And pay no mind to the pictures, they won't necessarily help you..

Aside than that, good luck and let us know how you do in the comments on Facebook!


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