Christina Aguilera has released the original song that she's recorded for the live action remake of Mulan.

One of the more controversial elements about the Mulan remake was that they would not be keeping any of the original songs from the animated classic. Which was pretty disappointing for fans who were looking for an updated version of 'I'll Make A Man Out Of You'

However it was recently revealed that the filmmakers decided to retain one of the original songs after all, with Christina Aguilera recording a new version of 'Reflections'. 

Aguilera didn't actually sing the version of the song in the original movie. She released a pop version of the song in 1997. It was a huge hit and went a long way towards landing her first record deal.

In addition to releasing a new version of 'Reflections', Aguilera has also recorded an original song for the remake, titled 'Loyal Brave True'

Have a listen here:

Sounds pretty great. You can see the movie on the big screen when it's arrives here on March 27th.