It’s not only internet trolls that spoil movie endings. Spiderman does it too.

If you think that Chris Pratt, as the current face of the Jurassic World franchise, would know the endings to the movies before anyone else, or possibly even have input into them, well you’d be wrong.

Turns out that fellow actor Tom Holland, on the film set of a completely different movie, ruined the ending of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom for Pratt.

Holland, who has previous when it comes to spoilers, is friendly with Fallen Kingdom director JA Bayona and somehow managed to squeeze the movie’s finale out of him. Then he spilled the beans to Pratt when the pair were filming a Marvel project in the same location. Not cool, Tom.

"Tom, of course, knows JA Bayona because of the film The Impossible – Tom was the young guy in that movie," Chris Pratt told Entertainment Weekly.

"He told me the whole story, so I heard it right from Tom Holland first. And then when I read the script, I was like, 'Yeah, he wasn't messing with me, this is all real'."

After Pratt’s interview with EW Bayona took to Twitter to poke fun at Holland. This is how he responded-

He’s joking, right?

Via: EW