Now this is exciting stuff; we were a bit bummed that Sam Mendes had decided to part ways after just one outing at the helm of the Bond franchise, but perhaps the news that Chris Nolan is in talks to take over will perk us up somewhat.

Mendes succeeded in going darker with Skyfall - top of most directors' lists these days is the aim to 'go darker', it seems - while retaining, at the same time, some of the older movies' Bond-like charm; it had humour and it was slick. Will Chris Nolan do the same or will he go full throttle down a dark alley way, turning Bond into one of the gloomiest characters on the go?

Such rumblings are coming from The Daily Mail's Baz Bamigboye who reports that the Interstellar director is now in preliminary talks with the powers that be on planet Bond (Barbara Broccoli and Michael G .Wilson).

So are said talks happening because Nolan wants in? Or is he merely having the chats to share his thoughts on potential directions in which the Bond franchise could go.

Nolan for Bond; yay or nay?