Chris Evans has defended 'Lightyear' from critics who have took issue with the film depicting two characters in a same-sex relationship.

The film has been banned in a number of Middle Eastern nations such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar for depicting two characters being in a same-sex relationship, and this has angered the Hollywood star.

Evans said those taking issue with the depiction of a gay couple should be ignored and disregarded, and had some choice words for the critics.

“The real truth is those people are idiots,” Evans said. “Every time there’s been social advancement as we wake up, the American story, the human story is one of constant social awakening and growth and that’s what makes us good.”

“There’s always going to be people who are afraid and unaware and trying to hold on to what was before. But those people die off like dinosaurs,” Evans told Variety.

“I think the goal is to pay them no mind, march forward and embrace the growth that makes us human.”

The star continued "it’s tough to not be a little frustrated that it even has to be a topic of discussion. That it is this kind of ‘news.’

"The goal is that we can get to a point where it is the norm, and that this doesn’t have to be some uncharted waters, that eventually this is just the way it is.”

"That representation across the board is how we make films. It’s an honour to be a part of something that is taking those steps, but the goal is to look back on this time and just be shocked that it took us this long to get there," he added.

Evans has long been an advocate of socially progressive causes, and has founded an advocacy group called A Starting Point which aims to get younger people more involved in political causes in the United States.

The Ministry of Youth and Culture's Media Regulatory Office in the UAE banned 'Lightyear', and said the film was "in violation of the country's media content standards".

The ministry said that all films screened in cinemas across the country are subject to follow-up and evaluation before the date of screening to the public, "to ensure the safety of the circulated content according to the appropriate age classification."

This is a lot of words to say that the film is banned in the UAE because it clashes with their social values.

Other countries refusing to show 'Lightyear' include Egypt, Indonesia, Lebanon and Malaysia.

The recent 'Doctor Strange' film also ran into the same issue, with the film banned from being shown in Saudi Arabia as it took issue with the character of America Chavez having two mothers, which it saw as a depiction of a same-sex relationship.

Either implied or depicted same-sex relationships are not viewed favourably in certain nations, but this hasn't deterred the film's creators.

'Lightyear' producer Galyn Susman told Reuters she does not expect the film to be approved for release in China, which also frowns upon same-sex relationships in media.

She said "we're not going to cut out anything, especially something as important as the loving and inspirational relationship that shows Buzz what he's missing by the choices that he's making, so that's not getting cut."

"It's great that we are a part of something that's making steps forward in the social inclusion capacity, but it's frustrating that there are still places that aren't where they should be."

'Lightyear' hits Irish cinemas this Friday, and Evans will be next seen on our screens in the upcoming Netflix action film 'The Grey Man' opposite Ryan Gosling and Ana De Armas.