Feel-good movies might seem a little corny, but there's no denying that they'll always leave you with a pep in your step once they're done.

So, with that in mind, we've come up with a list of ten films that are always bound to make you feel good. For even more feel-goodery, we're going to host a screening in conjunction with our friends at CB12 for whichever film you vote for on this list.

Just scroll down to the end of the page and cast your vote! We'll screen whichever receives the most votes on September 8th at The Sugar Club.



A modern classic, this heartwarming story follows a dysfunctional family on their way to a beauty pageant contest for their youngest daughter. Along the way, each member of the family deals with their own issues and problems, but all come together in the end to help one another. It also brought back Rick James' Superfreak and that alone is worthy of mention.



Although some might dismiss this film as Lisa Kudrow's attempt to launch a film career in the middle of Friends, Romy & Michele's High School Reunion is a wonderful slice of nostalgia that still makes you chuckle now just as much as it did back in 1997. Plus, you've got Janeane Garofalo AND Alan Cumming in the one film. Come on, like.


8. FORREST GUMP (1994)

You can't not watch Forrest Gump and get a teensy bit emotional. There's so many moments to choose from - Forrest running away from the bullies, the moment he and Jenny meet in Washington DC, New Year's Eve with Lt. Dan, all of it. There's too many. TOO MANY.



Believe it or not, Richard Linklater's deeply romantic tale of lost love between twenty-somethings in Vienna was actually based on an actual event in Linklater's life. Imagine. Ugh.


6. SCHOOL OF ROCK (2003)

Another Richard Linklater film, this one has a cracking soundtrack, Jack Black on top form, Joan Cusack as a Stevie Nicks-loving teacher and tons of charm. What's not to love?


5. BIG FISH (2003)

Tim Burton's films might be marked weird spectacles, heavy eye-liner and Helena Bonham Carter floating around the background somewhere, however Big Fish was a departure from his usual flights of fancy. What's more, Big Fish took on a very personal meaning for Burton as his own father passed away a couple of years before the film was released. The film itself, for those who haven't seen it, focuses on the reconciliation between a father and son. It's pretty moving stuff, to say the least.


4. ET (1982)

Beautiful, heartwarming, a classic by anyone's standing, magical - it's ET. Who can say a bad word against ET? Nobody, that's who.



3. WALL-E (2006)

Who would have thought that a film about two gender-neutral robots living a post-apocalyptic wasteland could be one of the most romantic and heartwarming stories in recent history? Honestly.

2. BIG (1988)

If you didn't want to dance on that giant piano thing, you didn't have a childhood.


1. AMELIE (2001)

Although one could argue that it presents a completely unrealistic vision of Paris, who cares? It's all so lush, beautiful and imaginative that you really can't get caught up in reality. Not only that, Audrey Tautou's charm and effervescence just lights up the screen in every scene.