Louis CK hasn't yet spoken publicly about the controversy surrounding him since 'I Love You, Daddy' was pulled from release.

In the interim, it's been reported that CK himself bought back the rights to the movie but hasn't yet made any plans or announced any details of the movie going on general release. As far as one of its stars is concerned, that's just fine. Chloe Moretz, who plays CK's on-screen daughter, told the New York Times that she's thinks the movie "should just kind of go away, honestly."

"Of course, it’s devastating to put time into a project and have it disappear," she added, "but at the same time, this movement is so powerful and so progressive that I’m just happy to be in communication with everyone and to see the big change in the face of the industry, which I think is very, very real.”

The movie starred Louis CK as a successful TV producer whose daughter - Moretz - is seduced by a much older movie director, played by John Malkovich. The movie was CK's first directorial effort in almost sixteen years, and was understood to be a launch vehicle for the next stage of his career.

However, the scandal surrounding CK - which he admitted to being guilty of - scuppered the movie's release and was made only worse when both Moretz and her co-star, Charlie Day, said they would refuse to help promote the movie in light of the controversy surrounding CK.