For people of a certain vintage, 'Child's Play' remains one of the most enduring horror films of their childhood.

The 1988 original turned a generation of youngsters off dolls forever - or at least, until 'Toy Story' in 1995 - while ginger kids were perennially cursed with the nickname 'Chucky'. Sorry about that, ginger kids.

As you may know, the film is being remade and Mark Hamill - yes, Luke Skywalker himself - is voicing the demonic doll this time around. It hits Irish cinemas this summer.

The tongue-in-cheek trailer was shared recently, and now Hamill has revealed the new poster for the film. If you hold the 'Toy Story' franchise close to your heart you may not be too happy, but that's a damned clever piece of marketing.

Are we the only ones intrigued by a potential 'Chucky vs. Woody' franchise? Don't answer that...