Although it's still unclear if there's going to be another 'Die Hard' movie - we're hoping there won't be, at least with Bruce Willis - Charlize Theron is ready, willing, and able to don the consistently dirty vest.

In a lengthy interview with Vanity Fair, Theron talked about a pitch she received on Twitter about a lesbian spin on the action classic. Theron, who has plenty of action movie credentials on her filmography, was more than excited at the prospect.

Here's the orignal tweet.

"Yeah, I mean, it’s a great idea. That’s why I replied on Twitter. Because I just thought that was kind of brilliant. I was like, 'This person needs to start pitching. That’s a great idea.' And the fact that it would be two women, I was like, yeah, sign me on," said Theron.

As mentioned, Theron's action credentials are the best in the business. 2017's neon-drenched '80s spy-actioner 'Atomic Blonde' was directed by Chad Stahelski of 'John Wick' fame, not to mention her playing the villain in 'The Fate of the Furious' and 'Fast & Furious 9'.

Our pitch? Charlize Theron is a nun - who just so happens to be Det. John McClane's sister - trapped in an office block with a bunch of terrorists who just so happen to be there for some other unforeseen purpose. It turns out, though, that Theron's character - who is a nun - who previously some kind of Special Forces type. She's got to use all her skills to get everyone out of the building. The title? 'Old Habits Die Hard'.

Charlize Theron, if you're reading this, we'll take a story by credit and a couple of points on the backend. Cheers.