There's a bit of a fracas going on at the moment involving the makers of the Irish film Charlie Casanova, and one of our most respected critics, Irish Times scribe, Donald Clarke.

Basically Donald had a quote taken out of context in the press for the film, which insinuates that he damn well loved it. It makes the audacious claim that Mr Clarke found it "A pretty jaw-dropping piece of work." Now, I fucking hated Charlie Casanova with every ounce of my being. I've been in this game long enough to realise a hyperbolic statement when I make one - but Jesus do I mean it. When I saw the apparent quote from Donald, I was shocked as I'd spoken to him about the film previously and knew he didn’t like it; but these quotes are pulled out of context all the time - it's certainly happened to me before - just not in as excessive a way as it did in this instance. With the exception of our Gavin Burke, I have not spoken to one person who even mildly liked the low budget production. Frankly, Its ineptness is only outstripped by its arrogance. But hey, it's picked up a couple of festival awards and got the backing of a big studio - Studio Canal, who are apparently responsible for the aforementioned "quotes" on the sides of buses everywhere. I don't get it. At all. The quotes, in that context, are embarrassing, and unlike other instances where this has happened to me, I'd actually be very pissed off also. It's worth pointing out that Hollywood trade bible, Variety, too have a quote taken (somewhat?) out of context.

The film's director, Terry McMahon has a twitter, and he's been using said twitter to voice what he thinks about the back and forth - only a few hours ago publishing his thoughts on the "handbags" with "Donnie" Clarke. You can read Donald Clarke's initial thoughts here, and Terry McMahon's thoughts over yonder.

Ultimately, the makers of Charlie Casanova have gotten a shitload of press from this - which is really what they wanted. I fear that audiences will do the conclusive talking this weekend when it opens, though.