There's still yet to be any kind of official word on casting with JJ Abrams' Star Wars film. There's been huge amounts of speculation but nothing official and it's driving us slowly mad. All we know, so far, is that Saoirse Ronan and Benedict Cumberbatch have been in talks and that's it. Well, we can now add Daniel Day-Lewis to the list of possible actors involved.

According to Latino-Review, the three-time Academy Award winner had a meeting with George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy. While we don't know what the exact topic of discussion was, we do know that Kathleen Kennedy has been spearheading Star Wars for the last while. Lucas' involvement has been that of 'creative consultant'. She was the one who brought JJ Abrams onboard and, we believe, was responsible for the new Star Wars being filmed in the UK. We're thinking Lucas was brought to the meeting to show Day-Lewis how serious they were about getting him onboard.

Daniel Day-Lewis is an incredibly talented actor and anything he's been involved in has gone on to major success. He's pretty much got the whole acting thing sown up with three Best Actor trophies on his mantelpiece. He can afford to sit back and do something that isn't obvious Oscar-fare for a little while. 

We think he'd be brilliant in Star Wars. He's got the right look, the right voice and the right mindset for it. Day-Lewis is all about immersing himself in a role and a film's world and since Star Wars is so lush and fully realised, it could be perfect for him. Is it actually likely he'll be signing for a role? It's doubtful. Day-Lewis doesn't need to work again and choosing to do a huge, obvious blockbuster like Star Wars would be a massive break from the work he's done up until now.