If you paid to see Get Smart this summer then you probably didn't read my review, and therefore, are probably not reading this. Everyone else, well, it sucked; not overtly so, Steve Carrell was his usual watchable self, but the comedy was flat and predictable and the action a whole new level of mundane. But it made mucho clams, so Warner Bros. have now officially greenlit a sequel that will see Carrell's Max Smart become involved in more crazy shenanigans. There is no word on if the brilliant Alan Arkin, or the decidedly less brilliant Anne Hathaway will reprise their roles, but I wouldn't bet against it. Carrell has also just signed a three year deal with the studio, meaning he'll develop and produce some of his own projects with former fellow Daily Show correspondent Vance DeGeneres. This is good news, as both are extremely funny guys. Get Smart will not be a part of that deal which means it'll probably be crap again.