Carl Sagan was one of the most prolific and well-loved figures in the science community of the last fifty years.

His hugely popular TV series, Cosmos, was recently rebooted by Neil DeGrasse-Tyson and Seth MacFarlane (yes, Family Guy Seth MacFarlane) to huge acclaim and his original series is still screened regularly on TV.

His work on the Voyager Golden Record, his advocacy for the SETI Programme, his numerous bestsellers, as well as being a pop culture icon, has meant that Sagan has touched the lives of millions. It's about time, frankly, that he got a biopic made of his life.

Warners announced today that they're beginning work on a biopic of his life with his wife Ann Druyan, who also worked on both iterations of Cosmos as a producer.

It's very early days yet, with no sign of a director or writer attached, but Warners have put producer Lynda Obst (who produced Interstellar) and a few others on the case to get it done.

Sagan's life and career is ripe for a film adaptation, but it all hinges on who they get to step into the corduroy jacket and red poloneck. You need someone that has presence, charisma and a personable voice that speaks with authority - but is also warm and inviting.

Someone get Bobcat Goldthwait on the horn.