'Captain America: The First Avenger' had its premiere on July 19, 2011, in El Capitan Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

At the time, Marvel fans felt hesitant. After all, Chris Evans had already played the Human Torch in the 'Fantastic Four' series. Could he really play another superhero? Well it's safe to say, people saw the first 'Captain America' and saluted the actor as perfect in the role.

Now it's nearly impossible to imagine anybody else play Cap.

Mind you, quite a few actors tried their hand at playing the Steve Rogers alias, and we wonder if you can remember some of those names.

We'll quiz you on that below among other pieces of trivia surrounding the early MCU entry.

We expect Marvel fans to get full marks - and in good time too, as you've 120 seconds (or 2 minutes) to answer 12 questions.

No cheating, best of luck, and let us know your scores in the comments on Facebook.

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