Good news for superhero movie fans comes today. It looks like Captain America is returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The last time we saw Cap, he was an old man. 'Avengers: Endgame' saw him travel back in time to live out a life with his true love, Peggy Carter.

Deadline reports that in spite of this finale, Chris Evans is expected to reprise his Captain America role in some form or other in a future Marvel movie.

As upcoming Marvel series like 'Wandavision' - which starts on Disney+ today - and 'Loki', as well as future films like 'Spider-Man 3' and the 'Doctor Strange' sequel establish, the franchise is diving into the multiverse in its projects.

Thus it makes sense that there will be ample opportunity to write Cap, aka Steve Rogers, back in.

It's unclear whether Evans has closed the deal. But reportedly the actor will be reprising his renowned role in at least one Marvel movie.

There's also a chance he'll pop up in a second.

It's unlikely to be a new 'Captain America' film, of which there are three including 'The Winter Soldier' and 'Civil War'.

So let the fan theories on how and when he'll make his appearance commence.