Whether you like it or not, the fact is that comic-book movies are becoming more and more popular with award audiences for both their technical merit and performances.

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight scored a Best Supporting Actor Oscar and Golden Globe for Heath Ledger as The Joker and was even in serious contention for Best Picture. Not only that, it also won for Best Sound Editing that year and was heavily nominated in the technical fields.

Captain America: Civil War may not have had such a standout, transformative performance like Ledger's, but it did a fascinating turn by Daniel Bruhl as the emotionally tortured Zemo and it also had a giant Paul Rudd, so that right there is Oscar material as far as we're concerned.

In any case, Marvel Studios has begun the Oscar campaign for Civil War and will reportedly begin 'For Your Consideration' screenings at the end of the week, according to ScreenRant. Admittedly, it's highly unlikely that Civil War will receive any of the higher nominations, but it is expected to feature in Best Sound Editing, Best Original Score and Best Makeup contention.

Surprisingly, Marvel Studios has yet to pick up a single Oscar for its effort, despite having being nominated several times since their inception. If they were handing out awards for Best On-Screen Bromance, you just know Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie would win for Cap and Falcon.


Via ScreenRant