Twilight frowner Cam Gigandet is to play a psychiatrist in the latest film from the helmer of the original film in that series, Catherine Hardwicke.

According to Variety, the thriller, Plush follows a traumatized young woman (to be played the gorgeous Australian actress Emily Browning) with psychic powers who clashes with a psychiatrist using similar powers to look into the memories of his patients. Hardwicke really set the template for the success of the Twilight series, and was chiefly responsible for the casting of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. For whatever reason she didn't return to direct any of the sequels, instead helming the god awful knock-off, Red Riding Hood.

Gigandet has worked consistently since the first Twilight, but hasn't really scaled the heights of Hollywood that his leading man looks would indicate he should. He was OK in Easy A, I suppose.