If anyone out there is feeling generous and wants to lend us a few hundred thousand quid, we'd very much appreciate it.

As we previously reported, legendary actor / icon Burt Reynolds hasn't been doing so well - financially speaking - these last few years. He's been off-loading a lot of his memorabilia and other items to keep himself afloat.

Now, for just the low-low price of we're not sure what because it's an auction, you can own Burt Reynolds' mighty steed from cinematic masterpiece Smokey & The Bandit.

The 1977 Pontiac Trans-Am, which comes with a personally-signed cowboy hat and racing jacket, is up for sale via auction and will - according to the listing, anyway - be the "final car of Burt's to be sold."

It's understood that the car, which wasn't used in the film, was a part of Reynolds' personal collection for quite some time and is in pristine condition.

Seriously though, how amazing would it be to own a car belonging to Burt Reynolds? BURT REYNOLDS, COME ON.

The thing probably just makes you sprout a moustache the minute you step into the car, like.

You just need to drive around long enough to find some young woman fleeing a wedding to complete the look.


Via Facebook / Carlisle Auctions