Have you ever looked at your clothes or car and thought how you can make them more like Burt Reynolds? You're in luck, friend. 

Burt Reynolds is facing a bit of financial trouble and he's decided to flog off a ton of his memorabilia at an auction in Las Vegas. Of course it's Vegas. Where else?

The 78-year old actor is looking to sell off over 600 items, including a pair of monogrammed boots from Striptease, a football helmet from The Longest Yard, an embroidered Western shirt (with matching jacket) from Smokey & The Bandit II and a host of other items as well.

Sadly, however, it appears that the Pontiac Trans-Am from the film isn't up for sale, although Reynolds is selling a horse carriage that Dolly Parton gave him. Better hope Dolly Parton doesn't find out that he's selling off a present she gave him. Although, in fairness, it's a horse carriage. How often do you use a horse carriage?

Reynolds, as mentioned, could soon be homeless as his Florida home is facing foreclosure and he's looking to make a few bob to cover his recent medical expenses.

You can bid on the items here and the auction takes place in two weeks time on December 11th.

We've got our eye on the Smokey & The Bandit shirt.