Houses used in movies generally tend to fetch a certain amount of attention because, well, they're well-known houses.

Of course, it depends on what kind of movie they've been featured in. If it's something like a Nancy Meyers movie, chances are it's going to be beautifully decorated, facing the sun, with a huge kitchen, and room to have a giant dog. Horror houses, meanwhile, probably don't have the same interest.

Case in point is this house that's up for sale in Perryopolis, just an hour outside of Pittsburgh, and was used as the front and some of the interior of Buffalo Bill's house in 1991's horror spectacular, 'Silence Of The Lambs', starring Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster. The house in question featured prominently in the movie, as it was where Buffalo Bill - played by Ted Levine - kept a Senator's daughter that he intended to skin to use for his human suit.

Interestingly, this tour video shows how a number of scenes were shot both inside and outside the house, including the low-light / night-vision scenes. The actual pit where Buffalo Bill kept his victims, however, was done on a soundstage.

Here's the house tour itself.