We LOVE following film directors on Twitter, they always leak sneak peaks of their projects well in advance of the movie coming out, keeping us well and truly chomping at the bit in anticipation. Bryan Singer has just tweeted an image on set of a pregnant Halle Berry in her Storm outfit for X-Men: Days of Future Past. No visible baby bump as yet.

This time round, Storm has ditched her long white locks for a cropped hairdo that suits her waaaay better. We imagine Halle just asked for this change considering the billowing greyish white tresses were a bit, eh, Gandalf.

Excited for X-Men Days of Future Past? You should be; it's going to be a good'un. For the uninitiated, this film sees our favourite heroes future selves' return to their younger selves to warn them of the iminent shit that's about to go down. And where Bryan Singer's invovled, you just know it'll be awesome.

Stay tuned for more udpates!

X-Men hits Irish cinemas on July 18th 2014. Don't hold your breath.