The actor appeared at the BAFTAs last night when he shared a little too much information.

Bryan Cranston was in London to present Alison Janney with her gong for Best Supporting Actress when he inadvertently revealed his Google alerts, a private text message and a missed call.

He was joking around with photographers, holding his iPhone like a trophy, when he accidentally hit the home button and lit up the screen. Thankfully for him, but unfortunately for everyone else, there was nothing juicy to be seen.

The alert was set up to tell him how long it would take to get to the Royal Albert Hall. The text message, which asked how his London trip was going, and missed call were from were from producer Brad Furman who he worked with on 2016 flick The Infiltrator.

There was no ‘Nu fone, who dis?’, inside scoops on upcoming roles or anything that might upset his wife Robin Dearden (below).

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Via: Digital Spy