Sacha Baron Cohen's latest foray into the docu-comedy Bruno, has been slapped with the dreaded NC-17 rating by the MPAA, America's equivalent of the IFCO. Apparently they objected to "a number of sexual sequences." If a film is branded with the rating, it more often than not means box-office death - Showgirls being the most obvious example. But apparently director Larry Charles and Universal (who paid the guts of $50 million for the rights to the movie) will make the necessary cuts, before resubmitting the film again. Borat had a similar path to its R rating, when it too was given an NC-17, but the cuts were made and all was hunky dory in the end. Still, this only heightens the hyperbole surrounding the film, with many expecting nothing short of satanic orgies, coupled with virgin sacrifices and abstract bunny slayings. I'm betting it'll be funny anyway.