Given how Bruce Campbell's played Ash for close to forty years, you can understand why he's ready to move on from playing the guy.

In a tweet sent from his own account, Campbell - who was recently in Dublin for a Q&A - effectively confirmed that he's done with the character after fan efforts to get the short-lived TV series Ash Vs. Evil Dead to streaming giant Netflix. In a succinct statement, Campbell offered "(big) props to fans, but I'm retired as Ash." The series Ash Vs. Evil Dead was cancelled by Starz after just three seasons, with many fans of the series hoping for a second life on streaming.

Campbell first played the role of Ash in 1981's groundbreaking horror comedy The Evil Dead, reprising it twice for Evil Dead and Army Of Darkness, as well as three seasons of the TV series based on the movies. Campbell's career on screen has been pretty prolific, and while most people would know him from Ash, it's safe to say it's not the whole thing he's good at.

Hell, just look at these ads he did for Old Spice.


Via Twitter