After their nominations for Best Actor and Actress respectively, you would think Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were done singing their hearts for people.

Not so, it seems, as Cooper appeared on stage at the MGM Park Theater during Lady Gaga's 'Enigma' show for a special performance of 'Shallow'.

Going by the crowd reaction, you've got to imagine that a possible tour has been floated for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Here's the performance as captured by people in the crowd.

Gaga is now the first woman to be nominated for Best Original Song and Best Actress, and while the odds have her at 11/2 against Glenn Close's 2/5, Olivia Colman is our pick to win for this year.

You can check out our full Oscar predictions over here. 'A Star Is Born' is, believe it or not, still showing in Irish cinemas.