If you've followed wrestling - even back in the days of Stone Cold Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan - there's a good chance you know who Vince McMahon is.

For those who don't, here's a quick summary - Vince McMahon is the current chairman and CEO of the WWE, and has been involved in professional wrestling since the '60s. He's known for his distinctive walk - which Conor McGregor has copied, by the way - and his outlandish stage antics.

There's been talk for a number of years about a biopic on his life and career, and it looks now that it's finally gaining momentum. According to a report on wrestling website PWInsider.com, none other than Bradley Cooper has been offered the role of Vince McMahon.

PWInsider.com says that Glen Ficarra and John Requa, who directed such films as Crazy Stupid Love and Bad Santa, have been lined up to direct the film from a screenplay that covers the history of McMahon's early years right up to today.

The film, which is understood to be titled Pandemonium, is also due to be produced by WWE Studios and TriStar, however no release or production date has been set.


Via PWInsider.com