Having made an absolute mint at the box office (we hear the figure was $119 million on opening weekend), it has since been confirmed that a World War Z sequel is in the works. Another zombie apocalypse flick is always good, right?

This comes as quite the surprise considering it didn't exactly bowl the critics over, and what with their intitial production issues, it was expected that World War Z would likely slip between the cracks. In a shocking twist, however, financially it did a lot better than most would have thought, coming in just behind Monsters University in the US, which gives the inevitable green light on a follow up movie.

The movie's main main, Brad Pitt, alluded to a potential sequel while promoting the movie in Moscow: "There is enough [material] to mine from the book.... We could barely get a fraction of the book in [this movie]. So we'll see. We'll see."

Paramount say a sequel is now a certainty.

But with all the on-set drama from the first movie (apparently by the end of the movie Pitt and the director Marc Foster weren't even on talking terms by the end of the shoot), will Brad really come back for round two?