Although it isn't Quentin Tarantino's first foray into TV, this could well be where his future lies after he retires from making movies.

In an in-depth interview with Deadline, Quentin Tarantino revealed that he's written and is planning to direct a new TV series, based on 'Bounty Law' from 'Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood'. The series, in the movie anyway, starred Rick Dalton as the bounty hunter Jake Cahill, who roamed from town to town in search of men to shoot or capture for reward.

'Bounty Law' was in the same vein as TV shows like 'The High Chaparral', 'Bonanza' and the like, but unlike those shows, it wasn't real. Until now, that is.

As Tarantino tells it, he's written five half-hour episodes and plans to direct them, though it'll take him a year and a half to do so. "Where all this came from was, I ended up watching a bunch of ‘Wanted, Dead or Alive‘, and ‘The Rifleman,’ and ‘Tales of Wells Fargo,’ these half-hour shows to get in the mindset of ‘Bounty Law,’ the kind of show Rick was on," Tarantino explained.

"I’d liked them before, but I got really into them. The concept of telling a dramatic story in half an hour. You watch and think, wow, there’s a helluva lot of storytelling going on in 22 minutes. I thought, I wonder if I can do that?"

The big question around Tarantino has always been what he's going to do when he retires after his tenth movie, and shifting into TV might just be the thing for him. For one, it's a much smaller scale than what he's done before, but also as well, the shifting sands of the market means that the likes of Netflix, Apple+, Disney and so on would line up to have him create a show for them.

Obviously, this is early days yet and there's plenty of stuff that Tarantino's spoken about in the past that hasn't come to fruition, so maybe takes this one with a pinch of salt.