Since 'Borat', Sacha Baron Cohen has brought us such characters as Bruno, the dictator Aladeen, Julien in 'Madagascar', Thénardier in 'Les Mis', and Time in 'Through the Looking Glass'.

More recently, his ventures have been in TV series like 'Who is America?' and 'The Spy'. But the TV personality from Kazakhstan remains the actor's most synonymous character. Thus it should come as little surprise that he has reportedly made 'Borat 2' a reality.

According to Collider, the actor was spotted filming scenes in Long Beach, LA, in character.

A fan even caught Cohen mid-shoot.

The sequel has reportedly already been shot and screened for select industry professionals.

There are no plot details yet. It is unclear whether Borat will be in the same occupation as we met him before.

It's also unknown how "undercover" the personality will be since Cohen is so widely recognised now.

One source described the film as "Cohen playing Borat playing Cohen". Another source rejected the description but confirmed the movie's existence.

It's unknown whether Larry Charles and Jay Roach, who directed and produced the original, have returned.

Reports have it that 'Borat 2' is being financed by one of the many on demand services in competition right now.

20th Century Fox released the first film. But now that it's under Disney, we don't see the House of Mouse investing in the mankini-wearing character anytime soon...

The film was based on pre-existing IP created by Cohen. Thus he has likely retained ownership over the character and can do what he wants with it.

We can't wait to see what nonsense he gets up to next...