The winter is nigh, and that means the start of a brand new blockbuster season is about to begin. The hugely popular Saw franchise will rear its ugly mush once again on October 24th, as the fifth instalment attacks cinemas like some sort of rabid dog, upset that he's just had the snip. Love of or hate them (I'm in the latter camp), they are undoubtedly huge, and this most recent sequel is sure to have cinema goers everywhere reaching for a bucket, emptying out their innards in a highly audible fashion. Apart from that blood soaked carnage, there's also the return of a certain 007 in the highly anticipated new Bond feature The Quantum of Solace. Budgeted at a staggering $200 million, the second outing for Daniel Craig in the tux looks to be an absolute stonker - with the kick ass trailers doing the rounds only serving to further the already palpable anticipation. Solace is released on October 31st, and we'll be building up to the release with plenty of coverage as well as offering tickets - and maybe some competition prizes if you're all good. Popping up a week later on November 7th, is the brilliant Colin Farrell/Ed Norton Cop drama, Pride and Glory. A gritty, superbly directed film, it's see's the Castleknock native continue his fine form after the brilliant hit In Bruges. Don't forget, those incessantly happy kids from High School Musical are back also, but this time on a much bigger screen in a cinema, as High School Musical 3: Senior Year skips into your local multiplex on October 24th. Can you smell the popcorn, or are you just not wearing any shoes?