'Toy Story 4' has revealed a new-look Bo Peep, and people want to know her story.

Maybe Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep, and that's the plot of 'Toy Story 4'? We don't know for sure, but it might be a possibility.

The highly anticipated animated sequel has revealed that a fan-favourite character will be making a return to theatres this June; Bo Peep is back - and with a brand new look.

No details about where Peep has been since 1999's 'Toy Story 2' are given - last we heard, she had been donated to a more worthy cause some time in between the second and third movie. However, new events in the upcoming June film will see Buzz Lightyear and Woody cross paths with the character, and it looks like she's rearing for action.


Ditching the wide frock and adopting a more contemporary look, fans have been reacting to the reintroduction of the character - and are loving it.


Let's hope she's not any bit like Harley Quinn.


The 'Star Wars' comparisons have started.


Thanos would be lucky.


Peep will be voiced once again by Annie Potts ('Ghostbusters') who hasn't played the character in 20 years. Joining Potts this time around will be a host of newcomers to the 'Toy Story' franchise. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele ('Key & Peele') will be voicing Ducky and Bunny; Tony Hale ('Arrested Development') as Forky; and Keanu Reeves and Patricia Arquette in unknown roles.

'Toy Story 4' is due to release in theatres this June. What do you think of Bo Peep's reincarnation?