What's more, the release date has been locked in and confirmed as one year from today - October 6th, 2017.

The news comes as Denis Villeneuve has now wrapped on Arrival and is beginning production on the sequel to the 1982 classic. Speaking to EW, director Denis Villeneuve explained that Hampton Fancher, the screenwriter for both the sequel and the original, helped to soothe Villeneuve's worries about taking on the story.

"He told me that Blade Runner was a dream. We just have to dream again and not worry too much about logic. That removed so much pressure and gave me the key to move forward," said Villeneuve. Plot-wise, however, Blade Runner 2049 is being well and truly kept under wraps with no announcement as to what role Ryan Gosling plays in the story or, indeed, where Harrison Ford fits into it all.

In any case, we now know the title of the film and that's something.