'Black 47' is now into its third week at the Irish box office and has now crossed the €1 million mark.

Wildcard Distribution announced the news today, making it the first movie since 2016's 'The Young Offenders' to reach €1 million at the Irish box office. 'Black 47' had previously toppled the record of highest-grossing opening weekend for an Irish movie, a record previously held by 'Brooklyn'.

In a statement, producer Macdara Kelleher of Fastnet Films said that the team are "delighted that Irish audiences have responded to the film and are supporting it in such overwhelming numbers. It's a great achievement for any film to cross the €1 million mark and take its place alongside films like 'Michael Collins' and 'Brooklyn'."

'Black 47' is currently in Irish cinemas and will premiere in the US and UK later this month.