Another day, another remake.

This time, however, we're actually kinda interested. Fox is aiming to line up Mike Sheridan's bezzy mate, Dwayne Johnson, for a potential remake of John Carpenter classic Big Trouble In Little China.

Johnson will take over from Kurt Russell as Jack Burton, the big-rig trucker who gets embroiled in ancient Chinese sacrifices and stuff. The film's absolutely bonkers and has become a cult classic.

It's interesting to note that Russell and Johnson have worked together quite recently on Furious 7, so we're guessing the initial contact was made there.

No director has signed on to take over from Carpenter, however screenwriters Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller - who worked on Thor and X-Men: Class - have been tapped to give the 1986 classic a new lift.

Johnson's been on the record saying that Big Trouble In Little China is one of his all-time favourites, and now that San Andreas is doing silly money in the box office, this all seems like a lock to us.

The question is, who could they possibly get to direct it?

The smart money says someone like Phil Lord & Chris Miller. Big Trouble In Little China had great flashes of humour, mixed with all sorts of crazy action sequences. That'd be perfect for them, considering they made 21 Jump Street.

For a leftfield choice, we'd also take a look at Adam Wingard. Last year's The Guest was heavily inspired by John Carpenter and we think Wingard's due a studio-sized budget to see what he can really do.

The key element a director need for Big Trouble In Little China is one that has a real vision. When you look at Assault On Precinct 13's remake, it looked like a bland, middle-of-the-road actioner with none of Carpenter's visual flair.

In order to reimagine and reinterpret it to a modern audience, it needs to have that similar imagination.

Here's hoping they get it right.


Via TheWrap