Really, at this stage, it's becoming tiresome and the lack of news from EON, Sony, Daniel Craig, whoever is really just fuelling this crap.

BoyleSports have announced via a cursory press release that it is now suspending bets on who'll be the next Bond after - shock horror - as a flurry of bets on Craig changed the whole thing. "Our traders smelled a rat and had no choice but to pull the plug on the market for the time being as it appears someone knows more about Daniel Craig’s next move than we do."

"If Craig manages to renew his deal as 007 we are going to see a five figure pay-out and we certainly will have been shaken and stirred by some punters."

Really, at this stage, it's a joke and we're using betting companies to get news on Craig. It's entirely possible that all these bets surfaced from a story a few weeks ago in which the producers said that it was there for Craig if he wanted. Meanwhile, Craig hasn't really said all that much about the job, other than the fact he'd rather open his veins than do another Bond.

Meanwhile, Every Single British Actor Under 50 has been linked with the role and there hasn't been a scrap of confirmed proof that anyone's been asked about anything, so sure, a betting company suspending betting on the thing is just one of many possible reasons why Craig's staying on as Bond even though he repeatedly, constantly said he wouldn't.