In a recent interview, Bette Midler was asked about Hocus Pocus and whether or not she'd like to do a sequel.

Her answer floored us. "I have canvassed the girls and they're willing to do it, but we have no say in it."

That's right - Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimi have said they're up for a Hocus Pocus sequel.

To quote Family Guy, WHY AREN'T WE FUNDING THIS?

Midler went on to explain that only a ground-swell of fan support would get Hocus Pocus made.

Disney have yet to comment, but for the moment, let's look at this objectively.

Hocus Pocus is a cult classic and is beloved by everyone. Granted, it didn't make a huge amount of money on its release, it surely made its budget back and then some on DVDs and rentals.

So why not do it? Does it not lend itself to a sequel? Or is it a case of once was enough?

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