Here's your regular Star Wars-countdown related reminder. We are, as of writing, 149 days from the release of The Force Awakens.

In the meantime, however, Lucasfilm and director Rian Johnson have been gearing up nicely with a few bits and pieces of news here and there.

This, however, is the biggest news we've heard so far from Episode VIII. It's reported in a few places that Benicio Del Toro has been offered a role in the film.

Marvel fans will know that Del Toro played The Collector, a minor on-screen character, in Guardians of the Galaxy and was tipped for a bigger role in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2.

This also isn't the first time Del Toro's has a dalliance with deep space. He was in the running and was one of the finalists for the role of Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, but backed away at the last minute.

Del Toro's a greator actor and we're loving how he's willing to put himself in these big franchises and have a bit of fun.

It's also understood that Joaquin Phoenix is in the mix for the same role, although we wouldn't hold out hope. Considering Phoenix was in the running for Doctor Strange and then passed, we'd think something similar here.

There's no word on what role Del Toro will play, if he accepts. We do know that a number of actors will be carried over from The Force Awakens, so it's reasonable to believe Del Toro will be a part of that ensemble rather than leading it.

He's a good choice for it and he's got a real look that would blend into the world of Star Wars, so it's all looking cool for us.

We're still a good bit away from anything confirmed as Episode VIII isn't due in cinemas until May 2017. The upcoming D23 event that Disney's pitching as their very own Comic-Con will reveal quite a bit, we think.

We may confirmation there, but in the meantime, this is pretty speculative.

What do you think? Is Del Toro a good choice for Episode VIII? Sound off in the comments!


Via TheWrap