You may have noticed that Ben Affleck has been plotting a comeback recently.

With two movie releases in the past few weeks, and big Ridley Scott epic currently filming in France and Ireland, he's very much back in the public eye.

A few weeks ago he got candid about his divorce from Jennifer Garner and his struggles with alcohol. Now, as he promotes his latest release, The Way Back, he's been reflecting on his most famous roles.

As far as his back catalogue of characters go, none are more famous than Batman. Affleck played the caped crusader in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League. He was originally set to write, direct, and star in a solo Batman movie but as he reveals below, he'd lost his passion for the role after two outings.

When asked about his experiences in the Batsuit, Affleck admits that he really enjoyed his time making Batman vs. Superman with Zach Snyder, but Justice League not so much.

Affleck also admitted that his most demanding role was on Pearl Harbour, thanks to the boot camp that Michael Bay put the cast through before filming. He wanted to throw in the towel before the cameras started rolling but was too embarrassed at the thought of the press finding out that he quit the training.