Ever since 'Joker' was released and Matt Reeves' 'The Batman' began announcing cast, there's been a lot of murmurs and rumours that Joaquin Phoenix would making himself up again for another performance.

There appeared to be some hints from people in the know, but in an interview with Yahoo! Movies, Pattinson finally squelched the rumours once and for all. "It’s kind of a different world," he confirmed, adding that he hasn't yet seen 'Joker'.

"I might watch it tonight! Joaquin is the best — he’s awesome in everything," Pattinson said, outing himself as probably one of the few remaining people on the planet who hasn't seen 'Joker' yet.

The actor also dropped a few unhelpful words about the not-as-yet-confirmed batsuit, saying that director Matt Reeves "has got a really awesome idea about it," and that he thinks it's going to be "very, very cool."

That tells us literally nothing, Robert Pattinson. 'The Batman' is scheduled for release on June 25th, 2021.