Although it took 17 years for it to happen, 'Bad Boys For Life' has brought the '90s action franchise back to life.

So far, the movie is the best-reviewed Will Smith and Martin Lawrence has had in years, it's looking set to make a tidy sum at the box office, and now, a fourth movie is in the works. THR reports that screenwriter Chris Bremner has been tapped by Sony to begin work on a script, with Smith and Lawrence expected to return.

In fact, those of you who saw the movie - we're not giving away spoilers here - will know that the final 30-odd minutes or so were devoted to setting up the next movie, so this news really shouldn't come as a surprise.

Not only that, given how well the movie has done with critics and is expected to do at the box office, there's no great shock here.  The real question, however, is whether or not Smith and Lawrence will return and if Sony will meet their quotes.

Will Smith's pay for 'Bad Boys For Life' has been estimated at somewhere in the region of $15-17 million, while Martin Lawrence picked up $6 million by Variety. With the success of 'Bad Boys For Life', there's little doubt that the asking price for 'Bad Boys 4' will be higher.

'Bad Boys For Life' is currently in Irish cinemas.