We're still some time away from seeing anything remotely like a trailer - other than, y'know, the one we saw last week - but it's clear that Deadpool 2 has worked its way out of earlier production woes and is back on track.

Late last night, everyone's favourite Canadian real-life superhero that isn't Justin Trudeau, Ryan Reynolds, took to Twitter to announce the first casting for Deadpool 2. Although many had speculated that Janelle Monae was the favourite to play Domino - Deadpool's mutant sidekick - it's been confirmed that Atlanta's Zazie Beetz is now the choice for the character.

Others, such as our own Eve Hewson, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Sienna Miller tried out for the role, but it's now clear that Beetz's comedic chops from starring in Atlanta helped to seal the deal for her. The film is still currently in pre-production, and the endless speculation over who'll play Cable is likely to rumble on for quite some time - Stranger Things' David Harbour is the latest choice, apparently - but it's looking good for Deadpool 2.

Have you been watching Atlanta? What do you make of the casting? Let us know in the comments!


Via Twitter