It barely made a dent when it landed in cinemas, yet 'Edge Of Tomorrow' took on the kind of cult fervour that isn't usually held for major blockbusters that star Tom Cruise or Emily Blunt.

Directed by Doug Liman and scripted by Christopher McQuarrie and John & Jez Butterworth, 'Edge of Tomorrow' was part-'Starship Troopers', part-'Groundhog Day' and all slick action mixed with wry, knowing humour. It really was one of The Cruiser's best efforts in years, but sadly underperformed at the box office, putting the hopes of a sequel on the backburner for some time.

Until now, that is.

Deadline reports that screenwriter Matthew Robinson pitched an idea that won over Warner Bros., who are now looking to bring original director Liman back into the fold, as well as Cruise and Blunt.

Plot details are light, but the ending of 'Edge of Tomorrow' left it wide open for a sequel. IMDb currently lists the title as 'Live Die Repeat and Repeat', which was the tagline for the movie, minus the 'and Repeat' part at the end.

No release date has been scheduled as of yet, but the expectation is that once Cruise, Blunt and Liman approve the script, it'll move forward to pre-production and scheduling.