As perplexed and sort of shocked as we all were, Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek is still happening and at CinemaCon late yesterday evening, Paramount doubled up on confirmation about his involvement - presumably reading the general disbelief that's permeating Film Twitter about the whole thing.

As well as this, Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos also stated that another Star Trek movie is planned post-Tarantino, but didn't specify who'd be directing, whether it's in the same timeline as his, and what it all means for the future. So, let's now wildly speculate on what it means because, well, it's us.

Tarantino spoke previously about an old TNG episode, Yesterday's Enterprise, where Picard had to deal with alternate realities and time-travel. Now, you're going to say that this has been done before and it's kind of like a mixture between the Abrams reboot and Star Trek Generations. Yes, but imagine Tarantino getting a grip on that? Could it work?

For sure. Would it need to be spread over two movies? Most definitely. So is the second movie another Tarantino joint? It'd make sense. Do we have anything to confirm this? No. Are we going to stop asking questions of ourselves so we can continue this format? Yes, right now.

Tarantino has to finish out Once Upon A Time In Hollywood before he can crack on to Trek, and there's a lot that can happen between now and the eventual start date for Tarantino Trek - so don't be surprised if all this goes the way of so many other cancelled potential Trek projects. Any love out there for the Captain Worf series?


Via Twitter / TrekCore