Before we go any further with this, let's just stop and underline the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger is sixty-six years of age. Let that sink in for a moment. So, it's been reported that Universal are charging forward with a third Conan the Barbarian film with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Remember the reboot with Jason Momoa? Yeah, neither do we. Less said the better, really.

It's been announced today that the third Conan film - titled 'The Legend of Conan' - will be written by Andrea Berloff, whose previous credits include Oliver Stone's World Trade Center. Here's a fun bit of crossover - Oliver Stone wrote the original Conan the Barbarian film in 1982 with his buddy, John Milius. We're guessing that Stone recommended Berloff for the job. After all, this will be her second script to be made into a film.

What are we thinking about this? It's clear the Governator is desperate for a real hit of his own. The Expendables 2 was a big, dumb action flick that was a lot of fun, but Arnie was just one small part of it. He's lined up a good few films in the next while, including Escape Plan with Sly Stallone, Sabotage with Training Day writer David Ayer and he's also doing a zombie film with Abigail Breslin called Maggie.

At 66, however, it's going to be difficult to take Arnie seriously as the muscle-ripped swordsman. True, they've said it's more about Conan's life coming to an end and so on, so there could be something cool there. It's way too early to tell. It'll really hinge on the director they get for it. We're hoping either Nimrod Antal - who did the fantastic Predators - or maybe, just maybe Oliver Stone. No, really. He wrote the original, he's yet to attempt any kind of massive blockbuster franchise and it could be good for him to spread his wings creatively.

Have you seen the "commentary" video that Arnie did for the 1982 film? It's high-larious. Check it out below.