We should add a caveat that it's not our list, but that of the Writers Guild of America, the trade union which represents screenplay writers in TV and film.

The list, which tops out at 101 entries, sees old classics like Some Like It Hot reach near the very top whilst more modern comedies, such as Anchorman or The Hangover,  are further down the list.

Compiled and voted on by members of the WGA, it's a pretty interesting snapshot of how comedy scripts are viewed by their own and what writers think is funny as opposed to what audiences think is funny.

Case in point, we can't see a single Adam Sandler entry anywhere. At all. Anywhere. Yet we all know and get extremely depressed over how well Adam Sandler films generally tend to do at the box office.

But that's another day's arguing. In the meantime, here's the WGA's Top 20:


1. Annie Hall


2. Some Like It Hot


3. Groundhog Day


4. Airplane!



5. Tootsie


6. Young Frankenstein


7. Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


8. Blazing Saddles


9. Monty Python and the Holy Grail


10. National Lampoon’s Animal House 


11. This is Spinal Tap


12. The Producers


13. The Big Lebowski


14. Ghostbusters


15. When Harry Met Sally


16. Bridesmaids


17. Duck Soup


18. There’s Something About Mary


19. The Jerk


20. A Fish Called Wanda



Via WGA.org