'Aquaman' has now outperformed all of the previous DC Expanded Universe movies, with a box office totalling $887 million worldwide.

The previous record was held by 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice', with a box office of $873 million worldwide, narrowly followed by 'Wonder Woman' and its $821 million box office.

As is the case with most comic-book blockbusters nowadays, the majority of this haul comes from overseas (no pun intended). China alone has pulled in $279 million for 'Aquaman', whilst 75% of the total box office for 'Aquaman' has come from international audiences.

The movie sailed past (again, no pun intended) the total box office haul of 'Justice League' on its opening week, and now appears to be on track for a $1 billion box office haul before it finishes its run at cinemas. In the US, 'Aquaman' took a 23.2% drop on its opening weekend and topped the box office on its opening and second weekend.

The next movie in the DC Expanded Universe is 'Shazam!', which lands in Irish cinemas on April 5th.