It seems to be a day for strange news, and this piece is no different. The Judd Apatow crew (we’re unsure who exactly) are looking to make a film version of the Johnny Depp TV show 21 Jump Street. The original starred Depp as an undercover cop who went to high school until he was 30. It was actually quite the enjoyable watch back in the day, and Depp was suitably pensive on a weekly basis. But the news is that Jonah Hill is in line to star in the flick - which would make sense giving the apparent piss take angle they’d be pulling. Hill pulled out of negotiations for Transformers 2, and is obviously looking to have that giant, robot shaped void filled by his comedically gifted buddies.  I love the thought of Hill, Seth Rogen and Peter Segal busting kids in high school, while probably stoned. Who wouldn’t pay to see that!?