As can be the way in the crazy town that is Hollywood, one project is announced then another based around the same subject follows soon after.

While Quentin Tarantino works away on his Charles Manson-tinted flick that was the talk of the town (now with Leonardo DiCaprio attached), American Pyscho director Mary Harron is reteaming with that film's screenwriter, Guinevere Turner for more of a Manson biopic.

Former Dr. Who and The Crown star Matt Smith is in negotiations to play Manson. The Family will be based on a book about the notorious murderer and cult leader, and centre on a grad student who works with 3 young women who were lured into the cult.

Harron is a superb director and American Psycho might be the most underrated satire of the past couple of decades. As good an actor as Christian Bale is, we don't think he's given a better performance - so Smith should sign on quick.

Via The Tracking Board